Jesus is the Treasure

In 1980, a movie came out called Little Lord Fauntleroy. It was about a little American boy, Cedric or Ceddie, and his aristocratic English grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt. At the beginning of the movie, it was believed that Ceddie was the last surviving heir to his grandfather. He was brought from America to England and began to learn what it meant to be an Earl. Actually, it was Ceddie who taught his grandfather what it meant to be an Earl, but that is another story. At a certain point, there entered another boy whose mother claimed that he was Ceddie’s older cousin. This boy’s mother, who had been married to Ceddie’s uncle, claimed her son was the legitimate heir. When the grandfather told Ceddie that he was not to be the Earl, Ceddie was not saddened by the loss of the title, but was gripped with fear that he would no longer be his grandfather’s little boy. It was the relationship with his grandfather that little Ceddie treasured, not the title or the benefits of that title. My friends, knowing Jesus is our great treasure, much more so than the blessings he gives to us, the greatest of which is eternal life.

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