God’s Glory

There are almost four hundred references to “glory” in the Bible; it might surprise you to learn that many of those references liken us to God’s glory. We were created with a purpose and a destiny to rule, crowned with God’s glory (Psalm 8:5-8; Isaiah 60:2-3; 62:2-3). A ruler’s crown sets him or her apart from all others. It is a symbol of authority. God’s glory is our crown and authority to rule over all of creation. David said that all things have been placed under man’s feet. Jesus expanded our authority to all authority in heaven and on earth which has been given to him and now delegated to us (Matthew 28:18). Isaiah noted that this glory with which we are crowned will one day draw all nations as sons and daughters of God (Isaiah 60:2-3). However, if Paul wrote about men being the glory of God, then perhaps falling short of glory is not about performance, but rather living below who we truly are. We do this because we do not really understand who we are; if we did, perhaps we would not fall short of the glory given to us.

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