God’s Will

Anyone who has participated in team sports knows the importance of each player listening to and implementing what the coach taught. For even one player to ignore the coach’s instructions and do what he or she wants can be disaster for the team. If all the players were to follow their own will instead of applying the coordinated instructions of the coach, that would result in chaos. It is curious how often a team filled with the most talented players does not win the championship. Rather, it is the team that applies the program of the coach and plays together that wins. Following the will of God in place of our own will has much in common with a team working together with their coach to achieve goals that they could not reach if they followed their own will independently from their coach.

When we voluntarily place ourselves under someone’s authority, there are potential risks. When we make that decision, we place our control and desires under their authority. That being the case, we need to make sure we completely trust the individual under whose care we are ready to live. When we pray for Father’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we declare that we are ready and willing to submit our own will and desires to those of Father—even when we may not agree with Father’s will. Jesus exemplified this submission in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he asked for the cup to be removed from him, but then added not his will, but his Father’s (Matthew 26:39). Jesus’ preference was not to go to suffer on the cross, but he was willing to see God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven, just as he taught us to pray (Matthew 6:10). It takes great trust in God and in his goodness for us to pray what Jesus taught us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer.

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