Pray Boldly

In the Old Testament, men like Abraham and Moses boldly made assertions to God. In the case of Moses, Scripture informs us that God changed his mind due to his bold prayer, even though God had commanded Moses not to pray for Israel. Moses disobeyed God’s command and prayed that God would not destroy Israel for their rebellion.  Scripture tells us that God actually relented and changed his mind, preserving Israel (Exodus 32:1-14).  Before that Abraham had boldly interceded for Sodom, asking that if 10 righteous men could be found would God preserve the city (Exodus 18:22-33).  As followers of Jesus, we are in an even more intimate relationship with Father than either Abraham or Moses was. While they never had the privilege to refer to God as “Father,” we’ve been commanded to speak to him in that way. This means that, not only can we approach God with the same boldness as Abraham or Moses, but that we can even be as bold with Father as Jesus was, because he has given to us the right to be called children of God. To lack boldness with Father indicates a hesitancy on our part to enter into a close relationship with him. We assume that if Moses had not interceded for Israel, God would have destroyed them. Thus, to refrain from making bold affirmations and declarations to Father means we may not see and experience what God is willing to do for us. 

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