Father’s Protection

The world we live in struggles with and against evil. In fact, we encounter it every day of our life. At times, we recognize the battle, and at other times, we are oblivious to its presence because we are not sensitive enough to it or have become desensitized to it. Since we face evil consistently, we have a great need to be delivered from it and its effects—and at times, we get a glimpse of Father’s power to protect us from evil. For example, we narrowly miss being in an auto accident. Seemingly out of the blue, a thought comes to mind that we later realize led us to make a decision that protected us from disaster. One afternoon, I was riding my bicycle down a steep hill, picking up speed along the way. About half-way down the hill, the thought came to me to slow down. Typically, I never slowed riding down that hill; actually, I usually tried to go as fast as I could, but this day I slowed down. Seconds later, my rear wheel unexpectedly locked up. Since I had slowed down, I was able to control the situation without falling, but if I hadn’t slowed down, I easily could have had an accident. I do not believe this “apparently random” thought was a coincidence, but an example of my loving, heavenly Father delivering me from evil. An unexpected delay causes us to leave for an appointment later than we had planned, but on the way, we pass an accident that had just occurred. If we had left on time, would it have been us involved in the accident? Have you ever considered that random, “coincidental” incidents which delay you might actually protect you from evil? We will never know, but Father does. We do know that Father protects his children from evil.

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