Jesus Angry?

What made Jesus angry? Many times we get angry when someone hurts us or someone we love is hurt by another. Because of why we tend to get angry some Christians have declared that it is wrong to be angry. However, Jesus also became angry, which indicates that there are times when we should be angry. On a Sabbath, Jesus was again in a synagogue. There present was a man with a deformed hand. The religious leaders were observing Jesus to see if he would heal the man. He posed a question to the leaders, whether it is legal to do good on the sabbath or to do evil, to save a life or to kill. No one answered him. At that moment we read in Mark 3:5 that Jesus was angry at the hardness of their hearts. What made Jesus angry was the lack of compassion that these men had for someone in need. These men valued their interpretation of the rules more than they cared for the needs of an individual. Their attitudes resulted in Jesus’ anger arising. Afterwards these same men went out and plotted against Jesus. Ironically they were alright with plotting to kill someone, but they were not alright with Jesus healing a man in need on the Sabbath.

This story should cause us to pause and examine our own attitudes. How open are we to those in need around us? Are we more concerned about maintaining our rules and regulations than we are about seeing the needs of others addressed? Are we upset with someone who doesn’t follow our rules in order to care for the needs of others? Jesus’ life often provokes us to examine how we live and re-examine our behavior in light of his.

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