The Power of Stuff

The apostle Paul makes a fascinating statement in Romans 1:24-25. In Romans 1, Paul outlines a case against humanity, who has rejected what God has revealed of himself in nature. Since man chose to worship nature instead of God himself, God allowed man to do so. According to Paul, man had the opportunity to worship God, but preferred to worship nature instead. Paul’s words reminded me of a video I recently saw on You Tube. One of the channels I enjoy is Jay Leno’s Garage. I enjoy gaining insight on cars and the automotive industry that Jay brings on his weekly episodes. On a recent episode, Jeff Dunham was on with his Ford Econoline van. As Jay and Jeff drove along, Jeff shared some wisdom that his father had given to him. Jeff told Jay that everything we have is either a tool or an idol. When we examine our relationship with our possessions we realize that there is truth in what Jeff’s father told him. Our possessions either serve us or we serve them. We choose our relationship with our possessions. This is what Paul is saying in relationship to man and God. Man either worships God or he ends us worshiping something else. Man will worship something. If he chooses not to worship God, then he will worship something created, which in Paul’s argument in Romans 1 is idolatry.

Jeff Dunham’s comment to Jay Leno, alongside Paul’s words to the Romans teach us the same lesson. What is our relationship to our possessions? Do they serve us, or do we serve them? If we discover that we are actually serving our possessions, then what are we going to do about that situation?

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