Marriage and Loving God

Lately I’ve been reading what Paul wrote to the Romans about following God. Knowing that Paul addressed people who were being taught to live according to the Old Testament law as Christians, Paul addressed the concept of living lives of love and freedom for and toward Jesus, without the regulations of the law. Under the law people often just go through the motions and do what the law says following its regulations out of obligation, but with no thought for love for God. However, when an individual knows Jesus, the law’s regulations cease to exist for them, leading to living life with a consideration for the desires of the one they love, Jesus. In this the Christian life is very similar to a loving marriage, in which partners do things which they know please their spouse, rather than living according to a set of regulations, because that is what they are supposed to do.

Since God created us in his own image, that which we desire in our relationships, reflects what God desires in his relationship with us. It is unheard of for a married couple to live their life according to a book or regulations that govern their marriage, where they go through the motions following the regulations of the book to guide their marriage. Rather in a loving marriage each partner desires to naturally do things that please their partner out of love and affection and not because they are required to do so, because that is what the marriage rule book tells them. Likewise, God desires us to seek him and do that which pleases him out of an affection for him, rather than going through the motions of some religious rule book.

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