Who is God; Who are we?

Jesus’ revelation of God as his Father was radical in his day as well as ours, in fact it was one of the reasons he was persecuted. Furthermore, Jesus revealed his followers as children of God, therefore heirs and co-heirs with Jesus. As children of God, we now share in the family business of Father’sContinue reading “Who is God; Who are we?”

Implications of Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

Because of Jesus’ teaching on prayer, the believer does not come to Father as a beggar hoping to convince him to do what is right or good. Rather, the believer comes as a beloved child whom God the Father loves and delights in providing for. Jesus is not in any way describing a formal relationship,Continue reading “Implications of Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer”

Jesus’ Identity

I was reflecting on Jesus’ identity. Even when he was a boy of 12, he understood who he was. Mary and Joseph had taken him to the temple (Luke 2) for the festival. When they left they didn’t realize that Jesus wasn’t with them so they began a frantic several day search for him. WhenContinue reading “Jesus’ Identity”

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

Over my years as a pastor, it was not uncommon to hear people asking how to pray. Their question resembled the command/request that one of the twelve disciples posed to Jesus in Luke 11:1. “Teach us to pray like John taught his disciples.” Jesus responded with what we now call the Lord’s Prayer. This prayerContinue reading “Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer”

Controversial Jesus

When Jesus lived he consistently created controversy, not because he intended to, but because what he said challenged the mainstream beliefs of the day. He was the Jewish Messiah, whom Christians call Christ, but he didn’t fit the Messiah theology of that day. While he did the works of God, like in John 9 whenContinue reading “Controversial Jesus”

The Problem of Dogmatism

Jesus’ conversation with the religious leaders in John 8 gives insight into the power of our beliefs. The Jews affirmed that their father was Abraham. However, Jesus pointed out a contradiction. While they claimed to be Abraham’s children, they also plotted to kill Jesus. Jesus explained to them that if they were truly Abraham’s childrenContinue reading “The Problem of Dogmatism”

Jesus or Tradition

In John 6:52-71, Jesus taught some concepts that were and are hard to comprehend. However, Jesus always declares the truth even when it offends those who have chosen to associate with him. Therefore it is important for us to examine what or whom we follow. The disciples of Jesus (a group broader than the twelve)Continue reading “Jesus or Tradition”

Understanding Life’s Challenges

Could it be that challenges in the life of the child of God are more opportunities to see God’s power, rather than problems ? In John 6, Jesus posed an intriguing question to Philip. “Where shall we purchase bread to feed the crowds coming to them?” John explained that Jesus asked Philip this question toContinue reading “Understanding Life’s Challenges”

Flattery or Freedom

Jesus said something insightful and powerful to the religious leaders. He told them that he didn’t seek the glory of man (John 5:41). At first that statement doesn’t seem all that powerful, until we reflect that if we do not seek the praise of other men, then we are completely free from their control. TheContinue reading “Flattery or Freedom”

Jesus’ Love For His Followers

When reading through the Gospel of John I’m always surprised at how Jesus addressed his mother. He never addressed her as “mother”, or “mom”. But always as “woman”. With Mary he did so when she mentioned that the hosts had run out of wine at the wedding of Cana (John 2:4). He did so againContinue reading “Jesus’ Love For His Followers”