The Irony of Mockery

As Jesus hung upon the cross so many declared elements of the truth in the form of mocking Jesus. How often does that take place? They talked about Jesus destroying the temple and in three days he would rebuild it. They missed the point, not the literal temple, but his body and life would beContinue reading “The Irony of Mockery”

The Secret to Happiness

Even for some of us who follow Jesus, life can be an enigma. We assume when we decide to follow Jesus that we will always be happy and life will go smoothly. It can be a rude awakening when we find that is not the case. I believe that two passages from Scripture can assistContinue reading “The Secret to Happiness”

The Problem With Secrets

The immediate aftermath of Jesus’ resurrection is truly amazing. The fact of his resurrection was known to the guards, who saw the angel, who heard what was said to the woman and who likely went into the tomb and saw that it was empty. They had guarded the tomb the entire night and knew forContinue reading “The Problem With Secrets”

Why Didn’t The Leaders Repent?

Over and over Jesus addressed the religious leaders of his day, revealing to them what was in their hearts. Ironically they did not deny what Jesus said. After Jesus told them the parable of the tenant farmers, who killed the owner’s servants and murdered his son, the heir, the leaders knew that Jesus was speakingContinue reading “Why Didn’t The Leaders Repent?”

Jesus’ Mission

Jesus knew his authority and he used it for the benefit of others, not for himself nor to prove himself. Satan tempted him to benefit himself and to prove himself, but Jesus refused to do so then and continued to refuse to benefit from his own position. He had come to give his life asContinue reading “Jesus’ Mission”

What if?

On a number of occasions, Jesus referred to the disciples as having “little faith”. He used the word five times in the Gospels, four times in Matthew and once in Luke, always in reference to his own disciples. In the Sermon on the Mount, he addressed their anxiety over what to eat or what toContinue reading “What if?”

Powerful Words

In one of his confrontations with the Pharisees, Jesus addressed the evil in the Pharisees by teaching us that our words reveal what is in our hearts. The way we speak, not just the words themselves but the way that we speak reveals who we are on the inside. The Pharisees’ words toward Jesus wereContinue reading “Powerful Words”

Addressing Opposition

It is interesting to observe the opposition rising against Jesus. As the crowds increasingly came to the conclusion that Jesus was the long expected Son of David, their Messiah, the Pharisees became more radical in their opposition. Since Jesus demonstrated that he had power and authority over the demonic spirits, the Pharisees literally demonized JesusContinue reading “Addressing Opposition”

Knowing and Being Known

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus instructed his followers to enter through the narrow gate, because the road to destruction is wide and easy and many take that route, not realizing that it is taking them to their ruin. On the other hand the road that leads to life is both small and can be difficult, thereforeContinue reading “Knowing and Being Known”

Pride and Humility

The Scripture that declares that God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud (James 4:6) is easy to understand at one level, but can be difficult to accept in practice. This was Paul’s point as he concluded his discussion in Romans 9. When he declared that the Gentiles, who had lived dissolute livesContinue reading “Pride and Humility”