Living Consistently

It seems strange that Jesus and his disciples were traveling through grain fields and the Pharisees saw his disciples eating the heads of grain on the Sabbath. Were the Pharisees constantly around Jesus? Were they traveling with him? How would they have seen what the disciples were doing traveling along a footpath through the middleContinue reading “Living Consistently”

Kingdom Transformation

After Jesus instructed Matthew the tax-collector to follow him, Jesus went and ate at Matthew’s home with other tax-collectors. The Pharisees, who observed Jesus’ action, were offended by Jesus’ association with tax-collectors and sinners. The Pharisees lived according to a principle we have today: “Bad company corrupts good character.” However, Jesus hung around tax-collectors andContinue reading “Kingdom Transformation”

Withholding Judgment

When Jesus healed a demonized blind and mute man, the people wondered if he was the son of David, that is the Messiah, but the Pharisees shut them down saying that he cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub, the chief of demons, that is by Satan. Jesus easily demonstrated the error of theirContinue reading “Withholding Judgment”

The Mystery of Following Jesus

On the way to Caeseria Philippi, Jesus posed two questions to his disciples. First, who did men say that he was? They responded that people thought he was either John the Baptist, Elijah, or one of the prophets. It is curious that no one out of the people considered him the Messiah. Jesus did notContinue reading “The Mystery of Following Jesus”

A Surprising Need for Freedom

When Jesus addressed the people of Nazareth in the synagogue he received an unusual reaction. Understandably, they were surprised when he applied a prophetic declaration from Isaiah to himself and in so doing indicated that he was their Messiah. They revealed surprise and wonder, because Jesus had grown up among them. Some of them knewContinue reading “A Surprising Need for Freedom”

Controversial Jesus

When Jesus lived he consistently created controversy, not because he intended to, but because what he said challenged the mainstream beliefs of the day. He was the Jewish Messiah, whom Christians call Christ, but he didn’t fit the Messiah theology of that day. While he did the works of God, like in John 9 whenContinue reading “Controversial Jesus”

The Problem of Dogmatism

Jesus’ conversation with the religious leaders in John 8 gives insight into the power of our beliefs. The Jews affirmed that their father was Abraham. However, Jesus pointed out a contradiction. While they claimed to be Abraham’s children, they also plotted to kill Jesus. Jesus explained to them that if they were truly Abraham’s childrenContinue reading “The Problem of Dogmatism”

Jesus or Tradition

In John 6:52-71, Jesus taught some concepts that were and are hard to comprehend. However, Jesus always declares the truth even when it offends those who have chosen to associate with him. Therefore it is important for us to examine what or whom we follow. The disciples of Jesus (a group broader than the twelve)Continue reading “Jesus or Tradition”

The Irony of an Offense

It can happen that what we consider truth may actually hinder us from growth in our understanding. Jesus revealed an ironic truth to the religious leaders during his conversation with them after he healed the man by the pool on the Sabbath. They rejected Jesus for two reasons; he healed on the Sabbath and heContinue reading “The Irony of an Offense”