Living Consistently

It seems strange that Jesus and his disciples were traveling through grain fields and the Pharisees saw his disciples eating the heads of grain on the Sabbath. Were the Pharisees constantly around Jesus? Were they traveling with him? How would they have seen what the disciples were doing traveling along a footpath through the middle of a field? What it does show is that someone is often watching what we do and will point out any inconsistencies they see, particularly if they disagree with what we believe.

Jesus had an answer to those who criticized his disciples. He pointed out inconsistencies in those the Pharisees looked up to. King David and his men ate bread that was reserved for the priests because they were hungry. The priests themselves work in the temple on the Sabbath yet are innocent of breaking the Sabbath laws. Then Jesus concluded with God’s value. He desires mercy over sacrifice. If the Pharisees had practiced that value, they would not have condemned the disciples’ action. We too, are to have an answer to explain our actions and why we act in a certain manner. How do we do this?

Our actions should be reflect our being intentional and consistent with our values. This requires forethought on how we are to act and a consideration for the implications of our actions. Can we give an explanation for why we did something, or why we didn’t do something? It also means that we say and demonstrate that our values impact our behavior. If our behavior does not coincide with our stated value then we need to re-evaluate what our values are.

We should assume that someone may disagree with the approach that we take, not because they do differently, but because they disagree with us. We must recognize that we are in a conflict and those who disagree may point out things to discredit us. Jesus said we are to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Jesus always had an answer for his actions; with his help we should do the same.

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