Divine Surprises

The story found in Matthew 2 of the Magi coming from the east to worship the newly born King of the Jews demonstrates one of the amazing ways that God encourages, protects and provides for his people. In a manner that the Magi, who study the stars, would understand, God revealed to them that theContinue reading “Divine Surprises”

Adjusted Thinking

After the disciples returned from preaching and healing in the surrounding villages, Jesus invited them to a deserted location to rest. However, what had been supposed to be a place of rest, became a place of the miraculous. The crowd followed Jesus and the disciples into the deserted place. After teaching the crowd, the disciplesContinue reading “Adjusted Thinking”

Kingdom Energy

The Lord’s Prayer ends by declaring that God’s kingdom, power and glory will last forever. That means that Jesus’ kingdom is fundamentally different than the present world. To last forever, Jesus’ kingdom must run with different physical laws than the world that is passing away, wearing out, and running down. In the world, even thoughContinue reading “Kingdom Energy”