Kingdom Energy

The Lord’s Prayer ends by declaring that God’s kingdom, power and glory will last forever. That means that Jesus’ kingdom is fundamentally different than the present world. To last forever, Jesus’ kingdom must run with different physical laws than the world that is passing away, wearing out, and running down. In the world, even though energy is neither lost nor gained, it does get transferred into non-reusable forms like heat. When I was twelve, I received a new Schwinn 3 speed bicycle. My parents gave me a headlight that was powered by a small generator, which in turn was powered by the back wheel. I loved riding as fast as I could to see how bright the light would get. I asked my dad why we didn’t put little generators on everything so that we could power the world. That was when I got my first lesson on the Laws of Thermodynamics. As its used, energy gets transformed into less usable forms. For example, the energy used to pedal my bicycle was transferred to light, heat from the light, and friction in the generator. Not all my energy was transferred efficiently to light, but some was expended in heat and friction.

In nuclear fission, energy is released through the division of atoms, but in nuclear fusion, energy is release by uniting atoms. In fact more energy is released by combining atoms, than in nuclear fission by dividing them. That is why scientists hope to develop nuclear fusion to solve our energy problems. However, this may be a glimpse into Jesus’ kingdom physics. Like nuclear fusion, a multiplication of energy takes place, as in the multiplication of the bread through Jesus’ word, a little was multiplied, but more was left over in the end than the disciples began with. In the present world, this doesn’t make sense, but in Jesus’ kingdom it makes perfect sense. Therefore when we align our life with Jesus, a shift takes place as we begin to see Jesus’ kingdom principles take effect; we discover that he supplies more than we need and surprisingly there are still left-overs.

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