Difficult Circumstances

Many of us have promises and prophecies spoken to us that are, as of yet, unfulfilled. Furthermore, our circumstances scream at us, day in and day out, that those promises and prophecies cannot possibly be true. Circumstances said that Abraham would never be a father, but they were wrong. Circumstances affirmed that Joseph would never rule over anything, much less an empire, but he did. Circumstances declared that David would be killed in the wilderness, but he became king. Have you ever considered that your contrary circumstances may actually be an indicator of the truth of those promises and prophecies? Contrary circumstances may be all the more reason to rejoice and give glory to Father who, in the most amazing and dramatic fashion, will bring the promises to pass if we refuse to shrink back.

Let’s pause now. Consider the promises, prophecies, and dreams that are in your life. Write them down or bring them to mind, for every child of God has a kingdom destiny. What is that destiny? Give thanks for that destiny. Now let’s look at circumstances. If your circumstances are hindering you from pursuing your destiny, if they are hindering you from rejoicing, then it is time, like David, to strengthen yourself in the Lord. To focus on the promises which are heaven’s reality and not be hindered in any way by temporary circumstances that seem to indicate the contrary. They may, in fact, be confirming the truth of those promises.

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