Jesus’ Nearness

A few years ago, a missionary speaker came to the church I was pastoring. His young son of three, who had recently broken his leg, was with him as he spoke. After holding his son for a while, the speaker put him down on the platform next to him as he shared about their ministry. I found myself watching the little boy. Normally, young children are uncomfortable being in front of so many people, but this little boy was quite at ease in front of the congregation. How could he be so comfortable when most would be anxious and comfortable? The little boy knew he was safe because his daddy was near to him, and he was confident that in his daddy’s presence, nothing bad could happen to him.

The boy’s behavior reveals what Scripture teaches us; Jesus is always near us. Therefore, Jesus’ nearness to us gives us no reason to be anxious, and actually, his nearness can give us great courage. When we know we are protected, we can do things we would never normally do.

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