Pray Boldly

In the Old Testament, men like Abraham and Moses boldly made assertions to God. In the case of Moses, Scripture informs us that God changed his mind due to his bold prayer, even though God had commanded Moses not to pray for Israel. Moses disobeyed God’s command and prayed that God would not destroy IsraelContinue reading “Pray Boldly”

Applying What Jesus Taught

The great challenge of following Jesus, is applying what he taught, but Paul’s statement in Ephesians 5:15-17 to know God’s will indicates that we are to understand what Jesus wants without it being explicitly stated. Jesus seemed to expect this from his disciples and marveled when they didn’t grasp it. After the disciples told JesusContinue reading “Applying What Jesus Taught”

Jesus or Tradition

In John 6:52-71, Jesus taught some concepts that were and are hard to comprehend. However, Jesus always declares the truth even when it offends those who have chosen to associate with him. Therefore it is important for us to examine what or whom we follow. The disciples of Jesus (a group broader than the twelve)Continue reading “Jesus or Tradition”

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear

What did Jesus mean when he referred to those who had eyes to see and ears to hear? When Jesus was about to feed the 5000 in John 6, Andrew brought a child with a lunch of five barley loaves and two fish. Then he commented that this would be little among so many. JesusContinue reading “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear”

Understanding Life’s Challenges

Could it be that challenges in the life of the child of God are more opportunities to see God’s power, rather than problems ? In John 6, Jesus posed an intriguing question to Philip. “Where shall we purchase bread to feed the crowds coming to them?” John explained that Jesus asked Philip this question toContinue reading “Understanding Life’s Challenges”

Abraham’s Extraordinary Faith

In Genesis 22, we read a surprising account. God tells Abraham to go and sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. God referred to Isaac as Abraham’s “only son, whom he loves”. God’s reference to Isaac as Abraham’s only son is an indication that something bigger is taking place here, because Abraham had another son, Ishmael. GodContinue reading “Abraham’s Extraordinary Faith”