Free-Will or Fate

At times people wonder if they truly have free will, whether they make their own decisions or if they are just robots making decisions that fate or a higher power has predetermined. In John’s Gospel we see an incident that gives us a glimpse into how both free-will and a predetermined plan work together. TheContinue reading “Free-Will or Fate”

What is Eternal Life?

Because of the name “eternal life” it is natural to assume that it means simply living forever. The common understanding is that it is life not on earth, but in some beautiful place where we will see all our loved ones who have died before us. We might even imagine that we become angels someday,Continue reading “What is Eternal Life?”

Who is God; Who are we?

Jesus’ revelation of God as his Father was radical in his day as well as ours, in fact it was one of the reasons he was persecuted. Furthermore, Jesus revealed his followers as children of God, therefore heirs and co-heirs with Jesus. As children of God, we now share in the family business of Father’sContinue reading “Who is God; Who are we?”

Jesus’ Identity

I was reflecting on Jesus’ identity. Even when he was a boy of 12, he understood who he was. Mary and Joseph had taken him to the temple (Luke 2) for the festival. When they left they didn’t realize that Jesus wasn’t with them so they began a frantic several day search for him. WhenContinue reading “Jesus’ Identity”

Understanding Life’s Challenges

Could it be that challenges in the life of the child of God are more opportunities to see God’s power, rather than problems ? In John 6, Jesus posed an intriguing question to Philip. “Where shall we purchase bread to feed the crowds coming to them?” John explained that Jesus asked Philip this question toContinue reading “Understanding Life’s Challenges”


I recently heard a speaker explain that, according to studies, the most underdeveloped attribute in humans is gratitude. Because we have not developed gratitude in our lives, we fail to discern all that is good in our life. If we fail to focus on the good, then we give in to the tendency to focusContinue reading “Thankfulness”

Difficult Circumstances

Many of us have promises and prophecies spoken to us that are, as of yet, unfulfilled. Furthermore, our circumstances scream at us, day in and day out, that those promises and prophecies cannot possibly be true. Circumstances said that Abraham would never be a father, but they were wrong. Circumstances affirmed that Joseph would neverContinue reading “Difficult Circumstances”